Thursday, November 24, 2005

Comment Moderation On

For the time being I am going to switch the comment moderation feature of Blogger on. This means that after you post your comment it will go into a cache and it will only become visible on the blog after I've okayed it. (This ought to take place fairly swiftly, unless you are posting from another time zone).

In practice I will ok all comments except those that are deliberate trolls, or openly racist or homophobic.

Chris, however, you are an exception to this rule - any comments you post whatsoever will be deleted.

[Update - correct spelling of racist now in place - thanks Sunny]


Sunny said...

Hey mate, nice blog... btw you've spelt "racist" wrong. Either way, keep it up.

Chris said...

You know full well who first corrected your spelling error, you fascist halfwit. You might at least give credit for that, but you are evidently too craven a slug to admit some virtue in your opponents.

Terence said...


True, you have corrected my spelling in the past. Thanks for that. As for admitting "some virtue in your opponents" ok: you are intelligent and persistant. You are also prejudiced against gay people and insulting and rude in your comments (see the above). That is why you are banned.

Please stop trying to post on this blog. I'm tired of it and it is wasting your time.