Monday, November 21, 2005


The New York Times has and almost-good article on Bolivia (the article will be free to view for a week or so, although you may have to register). Which is to say the article would be good if it weren't for its silly attempts (particularly in the last paragraph) to compare Eva Morales with Che Guevara.

Let's see shall we:

Guevara Was born in Argentina, was a violent revolutionary and died (in Bolivia) because he failed to achieve the support of the Bolivian working class.

Morales on the other hand was born in Bolivia, is a democratic politician and comes from (and has the support of) the Bolivian working class.
Of course none of this means that Morales is destined to succeed or that he is perfect; but he ain't Guevara.

Other than these quibbles the article is good though; and it illustrates the United State's continuing role in undermining and resisting democracy in Latin America.

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