Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bro Town and Stupidity

One of these day's I will write a longer post about what bugs me about Bro Town (the New Zealand made "comedy"); however, for now I'll just provide a link to Johann Hari's tirade against a UK comedy called Little Britain. I've never seen Little Britain, but a lot of these criticisms could be applied, in my opinion, to Bro Town (starting with the fact that it isn't actually funny; ending with the fact that calling one of your characters Abo is insanely offensive - and being Samoan is no excuse here - to the Aboriginal people of Australia).


Chris said...
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Genius said...

I guess you could be laughing at the steriotype or laughing at the people in question. 1 is good and the other is not so good.

Kezza said...

So lets see here. Someone leaves a comment and you delete it. Blogs promote debate why dismiss others opinions.

Bro town is a comedy I have met people who enjoy it from all socio economic backgrounds and differing intellectual levels. They all take it for what it is..... a laugh.

The same goes for Little Britain actually although I still see them as very different shows. In todays world where political correctness is overt and oppressively in ones face. These shows are a breath of fresh air. Or in Bro'Towns case - fresh flatulence.

Morningside 4 Life!!!!

Terence said...

kezza, just breifly:

Chris's post was deleted because he was banned from posting here. Not because I couldn't debate him: I could ad did for a long time. But because he expressed views that I found repellent one tim too often. He's entitled to his views, and to air them; but I felt to need for him to use my blog as a venue for this.

Subsequently, Chris and I furthered our discussion and he is welcome to post again now so long as his efforts don't involve naked homophobia etc.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone with sense! Well said Terence, the character Abo is very offensive - absolutley no excuses.

Creating sterotypes and encouraging this type of attitude (that it's ok to call Aboriginal people of Australia Abo's) is disrespectful and rude.

The media is a powerful tool and this show adds to the misrepresentation and struggles of Aboriginal people. Do Australia's Indigenous people a favour Bro Town writers and remove this character.

Terence said...

Thanks Anon,

Nice to know that someone liked this post.