Saturday, February 23, 2008


"If I really wanted to waste my time," the T-Shirt says, "I'd be arguing on the internet".

Ignoring everything I wrote, Poneke continues with zeal (not to mention a persecution complex) and I'm tempted to keep arguing...but what's the point. And mores the point, do we really gain much debating online? At times in the past, on the best threads, I feel like I have learnt things. But even then I've never really escaped the nagging doubt that there must be better ways I could spend my time.

(from the comments box at Crooked Timber; I don't know who drew it)
(update: the comic's creator is XKCD - thanks Tussock)


tussock said...

That's XKCD. Eminently bookmarkable.

The comic in question.

Terence said...

thanks Tussock!