Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh Heck Yes!

Partly because someone in New Zealand has to join the You Tube Obamamania, and partly because it's a good excuse to muse some more, here's that video:

It's not that Obama's not without his faults (health care policy, university of Chicago economics advisers...). It's not that Obama is not without his risks (Hillary, whatever else you might say about her, has surely had all the skeletons pulled from her closet before now. That may not be the case with Obama).

It's just that Obama also brings with him potential. Or, at least, it really feels that way.

Potential in the first instance to beat McCain. McCain, remember, leads both Clinton and Obama in many of the polls. And I just can't see Clinton changing that. Obama though - he could generate the momentum.

Potential also, perhaps, to shift the polity in the US. And maybe make space for something more positive to grow.

The obvious analogy is Kennedy. It's an analogy that's fun to carry through too. Maybe Obama will win but won't actually change that much in terms of policy. But maybe he'll be the president which shifts the way the nation thinks just enough for his successor to force through the great society reforms so desperately needed again.[/totally crazy speculation]

Oh yeah, the speech is utterly meaningless. I did notice that. On about the second watch.


Marmite said...
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Terence said...

Marmite Said:

Hi, I apologise for this not relating directly to your latest post content. I tried to email you but my browser won't allow it and I don't know why, sorry - I'm not too tech literate. I've just been diagnosed with reactive arthritis and am going through some of the emotions you've described in previous posts. Thank you for sharing, it's helping me. I'd really like to know how you're doing and more info on how you've coped and treatments you've used. My doctor wants me to start taking methotrexate but I'm reluctant. Thanks, Cathy.

Terence said...

Hey there Cathy,

Nice to hear from you. But sorry to hear that you have reactive arthritis . I just removed your original post and then re-entered it in with your email address removed. I did this to preserve you privacy and reduce the chance of you getting spam email. This is the same reason why I modified my own email address (and what probably caused you problems trying to email me).

I'm going to send you an email in a second. If you don't get it, please post again here to let me know.