Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm changing jobs and the new one would appear to preclude political blogging. So, for the time being, this blog is going to have a breather.

I've got a new blog set up on Wordpress to talk travel, arthritis, hearts and random stuff. It is:

(note the word MY in there, an annoying concession to the fact that someone already thought of Wandering Thoughts).

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog and commented from time to time. Sorry to Matt who I owe a couple of posts.

For what it's worth, below are some of my favourite posts...

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Trying to Muddle Through: Living (and Learning) with Disease
A Simple (but resilient) Definition of Power
An Ideological and Intellectual Wallace Line
My very own*, very succinct, definition of social capital
My very own, very succinct...
Gore's Law
Freedom of Speach and its Discontents

And, primarily because I still suffer from an addiction to Excel, here's some blog stats graphed (click on the graph to see it more clearly).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !

GZ said...

Damnit, although congratulations on getting a job with somewhere presumably important =) I've enjoyed your writing, and look forward to the next blog!

Terence said...

thanks Frank, thanks George

Simon Bidwell said...

This is a concern, Terence -- your posts on international development will be sorely missed. I can only guess what kind of occupation is going to preclude you from personal opinions on theoretical matters -- are you sure that you can't keep on doing this in a generically non-partisan way?

Terence said...

Thanks Simon. It's possible that I might - by focusing on abstract stuff. But I'd better sort out the lay of the land before then. If I do, I'll probably write on my new blog.

Joe Hendren said...

All the best for the new job Terrance. I hope you leave this blog here for posterity at least - there may be a chance you can come back one day.

I find its not until I get slack with blog postings that I find out that I had more causal readers than I thought. I suspect you may find the same :)


PS Got to get off the computer though, and get back to reading Tony Simpon's book The Slump - its a good read that I suspect you would enjoy.

Terence said...

thanks Joe - I'm definitely hoping to leave the blog up.

Matt Nolan said...

Farewell - looking forward to when you're back :)

Terence said...

thanks Matt

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Sorry to have arrived at this blog too late.

The new one looks good too, but I'm afraid the font size on that one is way too small for my poor eyesight.

Terence said...

hello Cat!

Nice to meet you, albeit too late in a sense.

I'm planning on upping the font size in my new blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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