Saturday, April 05, 2008

Two things to make you smile over the weekend...

To make up for the fact that my last post was probably one of the most dull ever written for the internet here's two things to laugh at care of XKCD.

(link: here)

(link: here)

Hat tip: Deltoid.


Anonymous said...

I like that cartoon. From my perspective that is simply global warming. A giant delusional belief.

Yes the world is getting warmer. so what. sometimes it gets wrmer, sometimes it gets colder.

if the world gets warmer the chinese can move north and use siberia. northern europe gets better summers.

it depends on perspective :)

have fun rebutting.

Terence said...

Sage Sage Sage,

Yes. The Earth's temperatures have always changed, but this time we're causing it.

Also, the magnitude of change we're likely to experience over the next century or two is very likely to be much more significant and will occur faster than anything else civilization has experienced. Indeed there is reasonable evidence to suggest that civilization was born out of a period of relatively stable climate.

Now that's not to say that some changes won't benefit some people or that there will be some that we can adapt to. The trouble is, and remember it's not just temperature that will change but also rainfall patterns and the like, that a lot of change we won't be able to cope with.