Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Night Evil-Off

Dick Cheney vs Erik Prince

Earlier in the evening we heard the case for Prince, now it's Cheney's turn. For which we only need one deft sentence from Thomas Jones.

Gellman and Becker focus on three areas of policy in which Cheney has made his considerable presence felt: defence, the economy and the environment; in other words, torture, tax cuts and pollution – all of which he has worked tirelessly to promote.
This one's a close call - Prince has packed a heck of a lot of badness into his 38 years, but Cheney wins, I think, simply because of his reach. Vice(?) Presidents have the tools to achieve so much more than even he hardest working mercenary generals.

Of course, given a few more years maybe Prince will equal Dick. But hopefully not; hopefully, given a few more years, they'll both be languishing in the same prison cell.

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