Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goodbye Paka

To add to the grief-load of the last two weeks, my girlfriend and I got home from work today to discover that our pet cat had been attacked and killed by two dogs.

Loosing your cat is a slight thing compared to loosing your father, but right now it doesn't seem so slight.

"There are no proportions in death" Kenneth Patchen.

Goodbye Paka.


Span said...

Sorry to hear of your bereavements. I felt very silly when we thought our cat was dead, to be so deeply upset about it, but they really can become part of the family. *big hugs*

Terence said...

Thank you Span.

It's no sillier to grieve for Paka, I guess, than it was to care about him in the first place. (In other words: not at all). Definitely family in his own feline way.