Saturday, July 21, 2007

How Very Wellington

Well it has been raining here in Wellington more or less non-stop for the last month. But the city does have its redeeming features. On Tuesday joined my union rep who was heading off to the FSWU picket of Qualmless Cleaners (as an aside, using economic strangulation in an attempt to win a battle with low paid workers is beyond the pale – shame on you Spotless.) From there I raced up to university where I sat in on a very interesting lecture on development practice. I then trundled down the hill to Bowen House to watch the people from the Point Seven campaign award half-time oranges to various politicians for their commitment to raising ODA levels. I’m not a function person, but it was a nice chance to catch up with a few friends and other nice people (including at least one very decent politician). This was to be followed by going to a Greens-fundraiser showing of Amazing Grace at the Penthouse, but we were running late, so we settled for pub dinner instead. On Wednesday I went on the China Human Rights march and on Thursday it was back up to uni to sit in on another very good class. Today it was film festival time: “Tales of Earthsea”. Of course, several of the events above I would have much sooner not attended (i.e. China Protest – I’d like to live in a world where such protests were unnecessary) but it is still good to be able to live in city where you can join others in taking action, even if it is only a small step.

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