Thursday, February 23, 2006

More On Lott

Tim Lambert has written a special post to help celebrate John Lott's arrival in New Zealand. Lambert has spent much time debunking Lott's "research" (remember the conference that Lott will be talking at claims to be about "solid research, not pious hopes"), and Lambert's latest post is worth a read as it links to other posts explaining the flaws in the particular "research" that Lott will be talking about while here.


Terry said...

I read your profile.
Why do you hate capitalism?
What is better?

Terence said...

Hi Terry,

The profile is slightly tounge-in-cheek. Remember it is the economist who called me this - it's not my own description of myself. In a purely economic sense I think that the market tempered by state intervention is the best way (that I am aware of) of organising the distribution of goods etc. This hardly makes me an anti-capitalist - just a social democrat.

I am more troubled by captialism as a politico-economic system. So in this broader view, you could say I am agonostic about the long term viability of capitalism. That being said though, I think that what is probably needed is politcal reform (deepening of democracy) as opposed to the "smashing of the system" or what ever.

hhhmmmm....was all the above clear? I am in a hurry....