Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fukuyama Almost Has a Point...

Francis Fukuyama in the Guardian:

Now that the neoconservative moment appears to have passed, the US needs to reconceptualise its foreign policy. First, we need to demilitarise what we have been calling the global war on terrorism and shift to other policy instruments. We are fighting counterinsurgency wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and against the international jihadist movement, wars in which we need to prevail. But "war" is the wrong metaphor for the broader struggle. Meeting the jihadist challenge needs not a military campaign but a political contest for the hearts and minds of ordinary Muslims around the world.

Now I am not normally a Fukuyama fan and there is still stuff that I would quibble with in there. But, nevertheless, the bit about hearts and minds indicates that he is closer to sanity than most of his conservative buddies.

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