Sunday, May 25, 2008

That does it! I'm leaving!!

Over at Public Address Danyl is contemplating a move across the ditch, tempted by the mountains of money he could be earning. For me the desire to emigrate is driven by something else entirely: the newspaper deficit. Ok, so the Age isn't the Guardian or even the New York Times, but it's

(a) well written
(b) somewhat socially aware
(c) not a pamphlet for the tax cut lobby

...which puts it in a league of its own compared to the Dom and the Herald.


George Darroch said...

I had a sinking feeling when I got on an Air NZ flight home this summer, and was handed the Sunday Star Times. I was already in a bad mood, having been late for the flight and and consequently leaving behind my duty free, and went into black when I read the paper. I wanted to get up and walk back off again. Only the facts I was seeing my family and my luggage was stowed stopped me from doing so...
Discovering a column by Steve Braunius lightened my mood, but only just.

These days I make by with the internet, and rarely read either Australian or New Zealand newspapers, apart from the weekend Age and SMH (who share much content).

I share your pain.

Terence said...

:) Thanks George.