Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In which the family pet gets put down

Poor old Yorrick, in the end her worst fears about the vet were confirmed.

And I'm amazed at just how sad I feel. In a world of acute poverty and war and injustice it seems ridiculous to get upset about something as insignificant as one cat. But, I guess, within the confines of our little family space Yorri was much, much more than that.

In the picture above Yorrick has been forced to cat-nap by the mere presence of an essay of mine on Amartya Sen. Both of my parents who tried to proofread it also fell asleep. It was one of those essays. Although I have to confess to being surprised that Yorrick fell to sleep too. More than any other member of the family I thought she might appreciate the capabilities approach to quantifying wellbeing.

Goodbye Yorrick.


Span said...

Sorry to hear that Terence. I know I'll be devastated when Mara gets to that point, and I don't think your sadness is ridiculous at all. I was nearly beside myself (actually at a few points I there was no nearly in the equation) when Mara went missing. Yeah, they're "only cats", but they're pieces of our hearts too.

Arohanui e hoa

Terence said...

Thanks Span