Friday, April 13, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut

So it went; his own tale almost as strange and sad as those he wrote.


|3run0 said...

From what I read (today, in Folha de São Paulo), the controversy over the raise to his girlfriend was largely an indirect (as in getting Al Capone for tax evasion) way of nailing him for politicizing WB grants (i.e., favoring nations aligned to US interests). This has of course been happening since Bretton Woods, but apparently became more egregious under Wolfowitz.

Such politicizing (unconfirmed as of yet, I must add) is of course far more serious than arranging for one's girlfriend to get a raise. But lets wait and see.

Terence said...

Hi Bruno,

yeah it's funny - the politicsed nature of the Bank is surely a graver problem, but because it has always been the case to a degree, it will be the corruption that gets Wolfwitz (most probably).

Wow - that HP comment thread on the civility of blogs was fun. I didn't dare read the one of Vonegut. His quote on suicide bombers, on the surface, ws pretty distasteful. But I'm was willing to cut the guy a bit of slack. Partially as the comment sort of had a deeper meaning, I think (Albeit it still mistaken). But mostly because he was an old man, who had suffered depression on and off during his life, and who had to collect bodies after the fire bombing of Drezden. If I'd been through that I think I would have ended my days much more deranged.