Saturday, February 10, 2007

Things I Never Knew About Myself (1)

Ok, so pretty obviously I'm not an Anarchist. I think that, as far as utopian philosophies go, Anarchism is the most beautiful. And I can see where Noam Chomsky is coming from when he argues that Anarchism is the logical extension of enlightenment thought. But - as with all utopian philosophies - I just can't see it working.

Nevertheless, when I read about the 'what kind of anarchist are you?' test on Bloggreen I thought I'd give it a crack.

And, to my surprise, it turns out that I am anarcha-feminist:

You scored as Anarcha-Feminist. Anarcha-feminists put a strong emphasis on the importance of patriachy, arguing that all forms of hierachy can be traced back to man's domination over woman. Although associated with the 1960s, the movement has its roots in the theories of Emma Goldman and Voltarine DeCleyre.







Christian Anarchist






What kind of Anarchist are you?
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Which puzzles me because I'd always thought if anything I would be an anarcho-syndicalist. Not just because I thought the anarcho-syndicalists in Homage to Catalonia were cool, but also because I think that market socialism (worker run and owned means of production operating in a market environment) might plausibly work (although it would have to be state moderated market, market socialism).

Instead I turn out to be an anarcha feminist. Despite most definitely not agreeing with the central precept of the philosophy as detailed above (that all forms of hierarchy can be traced back to man's domination of woman). I guess that main reason I got the score I did is because, while I don't think it's the root of all hierarchy, I do believe that man's domination of women is an important issue.

So there we go...


George Darroch said...

Given that you only scored as 40% in your highest anarchist category, I think you can safely say you're not an anarchist! And thanks on pointing out DeLong's hate for Chomsky...

Terence said...

hhhmmmm...nope, not an anarchist. Although I'd have to say I'm still kind of sympathetic to the ideal.

As for Delong - yeah he's pretty pathological on the issue. It's interesting to compare centrist/liberals like Delong and Krugman, and what they were writing back in the day (lot of left bashing), and where they are now. I guess that whatever else you can say about them - at least they're effective critics of Bush et al.