Wednesday, October 19, 2005


What’s this? The head of a morality think tank admitting to a moral lapse? Well I never…

Meanwhile, at a somewhat chagrined the Christchurch Press, the idea that Maxim might have had an agenda or that newspapers ought to fact-check are novel ones apparently. The Press’s editor is quoted:

The Press's editor, Paul Thompson, said Logan's actions had severely damaged, if not destroyed, Maxim's reputation as a credible commentator.

"I suspect few editors would now touch them with a barge pole," he said. "While this looks like an extreme example of what can go wrong, it does show how vulnerable newspapers are to this type of bad faith from contributing writers.

"It is no longer enough for newspapers to accept that their material is sound. Our checking systems will need to be vastly improved."
Also of interest, the Maxim institute have named their journal Evidence … this, presumably, is an attempt at irony.

For the blog story which led to all this see here (three cheers for the Fundy Post).

(P.S. Unfortunately, the links above to will break in a few days. PPS. For an explanation of Schadenblogging – and a good example of it - see here)

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